Stamping or pressing is a production process using dies and tool to transform sheet metal into the desired net shape. With the assistance of stamping and pressing equipment of different technologies, capacities from 5 to 800 tons, synchronizing with handling robots, and from single stage stamping to multi-stage processes, LeGroup has produced various products for a range of applications. These products are then used in the automobile, motorcycle, appliances, beverage, electrical and electronic industries.

Progressive and integrated stamping

With self produced progressive and integrated stamping dies, stamping products manufactured in LeGroup are highly accurate and stable, for material thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm to 8mm.

Deep draw pressing

Deep draw pressing at LeGroup is carried out with hydraulic presses, which produce stainless steel and cold rolled steel products with a depth of up to 380mm, a diameter of up to 500mm and in a variety of shapes. With bottom cushioning tooling designed and fabricated in-house, deep drawn products by LeGroup have aesthetically sharp and precise finishes, suitable for use in a range of applications.


With the assistance of a servo driven CNC turret punch, LeGroup is manufacturing products with strict requirements for a smooth, burr-free surface after punching, for variable-mixed and variable-lot production.

Handling robots synchronizing with Stamping machines

Many of stamping/ pressing processes in LeGroup are done by handling robots synchronizing with stamping machines. This is to assure the stability of quality and high speed for stamping jobs.
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